English Soup (July 28th)


Today, the classes that  I took in the morning focused on  "grammar". The teacher said that you guys may hate me because of today's lesson but appreciate one years later.
I think today's lesson is very important and useful. The topic was clauses. For example, relative clauses, adverb clauses. According to our teacher, English is compared to soup. There are base of taste of the soup, then in case of Japanese, we put soy sauce into the soup and the others put different one. English is a international language. There are juts some different flavors.

Using only simple English, we can describe and explain something. We don't need to use difficult word.  However, it's boring to use same words every time. If we have a lot of vocabulary, it must be more fun :)

Although I feel that there are no end to study language, I think that being able to describe and explain something in English is one of goal of studying English.

In English, there are two or more information in one sentence. That's why clauses are important.

I remind what I leaned in Japan but it was not clear reason. I only remembered something for exam.

Now, I am walking the way to understand it really.

Have a nice day.


The second half of my stay started (July 27th)


4th week of my stay started. (Actually, the week begins on Sunday but I still feel Monday is the beginning of the week.) 

From yesterday, there are two Japanese girl and thanks for them, I had a good time. I don't have any sister so I feel that I had sisters. 

Since I came here, I often hang out with my classmates and do something. However, I guess that this week will not so busy. Since I came here, I didn't take much time for studying alone in front of desk. On the other hand, I tried to spend my time for communicate with people in English. I think it balanced itself out. 

I am taking a note during the classes. Also, When I meet a word I don't know the meaning, I take a memo in the phone. However, my note is messy so I wanna write it down again to remember them. I have to take care of that before I forget what I leaned here. 

In this week, our class's topic is town. We can know many things from classmates, even it's during break time. I found out that some Portugal and English word is very similar. 
After school, we(me, housemates and host mother) went to a elementary school where my host mother work, and ate pizza for supper. Then, we played badminton and basketball in the gym. Housemates who came from Korea know Japanese movie well, so we all chatted about that kind of things. 

All week is new for me but especially this week will be. 

Have a nice day. 


Peaceful with you (July 26)

In this town, There are some churches.
Today I went to catholic church which is biggest in the town. I attended Mass for the Load's day with my host mother and housemate.

It was different one to that I have ever experienced in Japan. Firstly, inside of chapel is very beautiful and luxurious. Stained glasses window is colorful.
Also, the book we use during the Mass are different. There are Date of Mass and we chose the page written the date. But the contents is familiar to the bible I have ever read in high school.
 The most surprised thing is that there are stand to kneel in prayer. I heard from Korean guy that to kneel is not usual because it's for obedience. My housemates is form Korea so he might be surprised.
Anyway, it was good experience. In the end of Mass, there is a time to say " peaceful with you" to near person.

In the afternoon, I biked in downtown. In the park, I talked with a man who was sitting next to me. Then, I went to public library. I got some information of this town.

In the evening, I went to an airport. Form today to next Saturday, two Japanese girl lives with me. Their birth year are 2001 !! wow  I remind my junior high school. Anyway, although one week,  I am happy to have lovely sisters. :)


People I meet (July 25)

I am now studying English in abroad. Since I came here, many people asked me why you chose here, and I always answered " It's because I like Anee and to visit here is my dream since I read the story of Anee."
Last Friday, I had a chance to visit Anne's house. My dream came true finally. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. Inside of the house is also pretty. 

Also, that Friday was one of my classmate's last day to study here. So, there were two big event yesterday. I went to the party that night. 
However, for me,  that it was the day to goodbye is bigger event than that I finally visited Anne's House. 

Before I came here, to visit famous place for Anne was first priority ( of course improving Study English, too). But now, stay same time and study in the classroom with my friends and teacher is the most important things. I remind that "life is people I met". 

It's hard to say goodbye and think about the people whom I have no idea when I can meet again. 

Then, tomorrow, new students will be my housemates. I'm looking forward to meet them. 


Third part is finished July 20th


Time pass very soon, and it has been already 2 weeks since I come here. Third part is gone. wow!
And today was third Monday. Not in my classes, but new students came our classes. I counted the left day for me since I came here. However, it doesn't matter. Every week, the member of classmates are changed, because not only me, the students who study here have limitation to stay here. So, even 2 weeks passed, I am not used to and not bored to stay here. Even if here is not big city, I have a lot of things which I want to do. I have to make a plan..!

And, I don't know the reason but my eye turned red suddenly from a few days ago. I went to a doctor, but he couldn't find out the reason. I hope it gets better. However, I could searched some vocabulary because of this accident. Especially in clinic, I really focused on what he was saying and, I also focus on describing my eyes. It's good experiences to improve English skills, isn't it ??

Have a nice day.


July 15th Speaking English


Today, we did a presentation about mysteries in the world like yeti, bigfoot, and so on, in the morning class. Thanks for my classmates, I could finished it. However, I need to speak more clearly and be proud of myself.

 I noticed that my English speaking is sometimes difficult for people to understand what I say. Especially, for the people whose first language is not Japanese. When I talked with my classmates, sometimes Japanese understand what I say but the other guys don't. This happen sometimes. 

In the afternoon classes, we learned about synonyms and the way to write essay. In Japan, I studied English words by memorizing only one or two meaning and translating it to Japanese. In the classes, we can't use our first language so it was interesting to find out what impression each students have for easy word like "important". 

After school, I went caffe shop with my friends. 
Have a good day. 



Walking in the town July 14


Today (9/42), after school, I had a picnic with my host family. 
After that, I walked in the town for 2 hours during my host mother ware doing Tai-chi. 
Just walking was interesting for me and sometimes people in this town said "Hi". Also I talked a men whom I just met on the way of my walking and I found that he know my host brother! I was very surprised that. 
Moreover, I met my classmates, too. 

How small town is it ! 

I heard Jazz music on the street. It made me fun :) 

Also, I hadn't noticed since I was said that, but when I talk something, my voice is sometimes shivering. wow! I surprised to hear that but it may be same even if I speak my first language, haha. However, I felt that it's easier to talk by walking not just sitting. 

Have a nice day. 


Second week July 13th

Today was Monday and it's second week for my stay here. (8/42)

3 New students came to our class ! In this school, I can meet new students every Monday. It's a little bit hard to remember the name of them because pronunciation is difficult. Some my classmates has a English name to people call them easily.

Today, our topic was critical thinking. There are three steps in it ; 1. thinking quickly 2. analyzing 3. being creative. We did a role play and presentation. In the afternoon classes, we write a summary of story. It takes a little time to find common story known each other.

After school, I enjoyed playing tennis with my classmate and her friends. Now I can use dictionally but at the time, it's hard to say something about movement playing tennis. For example, step, swing, keep vertical racket's face and so on. Anyway, I had a fun.
After that, I walked around the park and saw a fax!
It was beautiful day.


July 12th It's difficult to speak...


Today was Sunday (7/42). 
Yesterday, my host mother said that she took me church in downtown, so I had to be get up 7 o'clock. However, I overslept and got up 8:30 in this morning. I was so shocked but power went off since last night to this morning. My host mother said that sometimes, it's happen. Then, I ate breakfast and watched  that my host mother baked a cakes(today was my host brother's birth day!!). After lunch, she drive me and roommates to a downtown. We did a lot of tasks in town( roommates bought swimming suit, we walked around the hospital, got a water to the flower in grave, bought ice sugar, and so on.)

In the evening, Some people who know our family came home and we had a supper together in the deck. Very good. Actually, there are many people so I couldn't remember the names and relationship with my host family. 

It's still difficult to understand what they talk. Even if I can do, it's difficult to join that conversation between them. Understand the meaning and speaking as a response or comments is totally different things for me. I don't know it's because of just English skills or communication skills. Maybe it's both, haha. 

Having 7 days, I noticed that I sometimes speak declarative sentence even when I wanna ask some question. Also, sometimes I skipped subjects. In the bad case, I only say just noun. 
Tomorrow, new week start and maybe new students come to our classes. 

Have a nice day.  


One week passed July 11th

Today is Saturday. One week passed since I arrived here.

On thursday(7/9), we went to a funning bank (government house)  in the afternoon classes. My classmate asked our teacher to take us go there. We went there by walk and it's first time to walk around school ; just talking with my friends and seeing town was fun. The girl, high school students and doing summer time job, explained about the building but she speaks too fast for me to understand.... ;(  After that, we walked through the park. It was very Good.

On Friday(7/10), we went a lake for fishing. However, there ware soooo many mosquito!!!! I just watched the someone doing fishing and I was in shelter with other guys. It was interesting to hear the talking of guys who came from Quebec! After school, I ate supper and drink a little in Chinese man's house with my friends. Thanks to kind friends, I really enjoyed Friday's night.

And today, I woke up at almost noon. I ate a brunch( very good! It's first time for me to eat " brunch" ). I like Canadian food :)  After that, my host mother took us to the farmer's market. There ware so many kinds of shop not only food but also many handmade stuff. And after supper, my host mother took me and roommates to house race. The detail was different one of Japanese but I thought it's almost same ; there are many men who has a guide book on their hands.


I miss you...

July 8th (3/42)

3 days ware already passed since I arrived here.
Every Monday to Friday, We have two classes, communication and grammar. In the classes, we learned a new vocabulary through estimating the meaning and create sentence using that. It was fun for me because during that, I could know about my classmates background.

After school, I bought a insect spray. It was my first time to do shopping here. 

The language school accepts new students on every Monday and students take classes at least one week ; we can meet new students on Monday but we have to say goodbye to someone on Friday. I heard that my classmates miss students who leave the school. And I was shocked to know that I also have to say goodbye my classmates before I leave. Some students are not sure where they go after graduating this school so I can't say"let's meet again" easily. They say it's not special thing in here. However, they must have been missed the students who left.
It's brutal....

Only 3 days ware passed, but I am know thinking about the time to say goodbye. I will have missed you on every Friday.
I noticed that the people studying in language school know it well and experienced it many times. 


July 7th

Second day was finished. 
I went to theater with my friends in the school. It was good movie I was glad to understand the story without subtitles.
I was very confused bit  I knew the real age of my classmates. ( some people was joking and I wonder the real age) I found it difficult to know it especially not Japanese.) However, they are very very kind and I was glad to hang out with them. Sometimes I felt that I really want to speak Japanese. I need to improve my speaking ability to chat with them. There are some people whose first language is Korean. So maybe I will learn a little Korean, too. When I wanted to say something in English, I want to say it very quickly but I could't today. I tried to explaing culture about Japanese but it was difficult. But they also tried to understand the meaning, negotiation the meaning) 
I should have take a picture here. 


July 6 first day

 Today is the first day of my staying of PEI (1/42days.) And first day is going to finish now. I felt that one day in here is very long because it still bright around even it turned 8 p.m.

I woke up 7 a.m. surprised that the view from the window of my room is very beautiful. Some bird was singing and I saw green, river, cute house and big sky. I can't take a picture well. It's a feeling that I'm in a world of picture book which I read in my childhood, somewhere far away. Before I came to here, I imagined that how excited ware I visiting the place where I dreamed long time. However, I actually relaxed and feel grace in my heart more than be excited. Maybe one reason is that I just tired because of long fright. Anyway, it's very very comfortable because the whether is good and my host family is kind.

I was a worry wart but now I'm not. I just worry about the day I have to leave here.

The language school was fun. In fact, the students in the school is fun. I could feel individuality of each students and it makes me relaxed. Also, they are very friendly. There are many people who can speak Japanese but it is not problem because we talked in English. I surprised that but I tried to keep English. The age and background is so different and it is new experience to study with such a classmate. Especially, it was new to take a class with people who are young. But they looks older than me ! haha  And I must looks younger than I actually be. I want to know more about my new classmates. I surprised that I'm interested in new friends. It is a first step to make relationship with someone.

I want to remember all things but I can't write down all.
6 weeks must pass soon.  


My ARW Essay and interest

ARW, a class of English for Liberal Arts, is the most largest credit in the Freshman, but it finish on the next Monday.
I learned a lot of things through this classes in a year.
At first of spring term, I was so disappointed because I don't have have enough ability to use PC and shocked that my section mates have better vocabulary than me so much. I forced oneself a hard schedule of unsound mind.

It was hard but it became OK and fun by a little and little.

It is because I have been a lucky part of family and  teachers and section mates!!!

They helped and stimulate me a lot. I really thanks for them ! !

Thanks for the people around me, I think I can change, get many new way of thinking and have direction for my future.

In the ARW classes, I wrote about....
the important things for college students,
population crisis in Japan,
nonverbal communication,
hate speech,
and now I'm writing about cosmetic surgery.

ARW made my interest more wide.
I want to learn more and there are many topic I want to write for next term. On the other hand, from now, I have to narrow down my interest at the same time.

The time I have to work through my feeling will continue.
But just now, I have to work through and finish my last essay !! :-o


Long time no see! things I like..

I was surprised to look my blog and notice that my latest post of this blog is the beginning of autumn term... :-0 

Any way,  I want to restart writing from today again.  I want to improve my ability of English so I am now using some app that I can chat with people in English freely but the time is limited and can't chat long time.. So I start to this blog again :) !!

Freshman are going to be finished 2 weeks later.....!! 

Now is the middle of winter term and I have more free time compared with spring and autumn. So, there are more time listening someone's talk and thinking about many things especially about near future with my friends.  Maybe one reason of that is need to plan and decide what course I take next year. 

Thinking about future is a little hard for me. More deeply, seriously and practically I think about future, not only hope but more difficulty and negative things I find.
However, I was very very stimulated friends around me. I am a little be afraid of working through me but I saw their action and it encourage me to make action, too.

This is a part of poem I like↓


good night :))